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       Founded in the first quarter of 2008, MacauConcept is a growing provider of travel and travel media services. In the short term, we remain committed to furnishing high quality internet content/tertiary services to current and potential visitors of the Greater Macao SAR, including proximate areas of the SE Mainland commonly associated with the Pearl River Delta. Long term, we anticipate expanding into new growth areas, such as the Philippine Islands, as opportunities warrant. Finally, our penchant for Asia notwithstanding, we will not shy away from new frontiers to the West, as we can expect the winds of growth to inevitably shift again. Our efforts to partner with an appropriate cost-effective major online booking/fulfillment provider have proved most challenging. Still, with more suppliers coming online to meet long term demand, we remain very hopeful. Therefore, although some of our services will necessarily remain constrained for the time being, we have, nonetheless, taken many websites live with reasonable success.

       MacauConcept, most notably, administers one of the largest, most commercially relevant Macao SAR domain portfolios in the world. The collection is comprised of hundreds of Macau-centric, direct navigation, travel-related domain sites. We are also likewise blessed with a highly respectable portfolio of generic, travel-centric domains. These sites help define and shape the MacauConcept, as discussed below...


Current Projects ( China/other )

       Cotai.Travel , like the region it represents, remains a work in progress. As construction cranes continue to give way to completed hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, night clubs, shopping and entertainment/sporting venues, so too shall Cotai.Travel grow, in kind, in order to continue providing its clients with superior access to Cotai information and reservation databases.

, is likewise destined to become a plenary travel/destination portal site, except on a larger scale reflective of the entire SAR.

          Zhuhai.Travel continues to benefit from a steady rise in traffic to the site. Although Zhuhai had long been a distinct engine of economic growth and tourism, it is enjoying unprecedented streams of urban and non-urban development as a result of the overflow associated with Macao's limited geo-boundaries.  The changing landscape of Zhuhai is most evident in its strengthening hospitality and property markets. As new socioeconomic realities take hold in Zhuhai, so too do the prospects for Hengqin. Hengqin, an otherwise undeveloped island located within Zhuhai's municipal limits, is situated adjacent to Macau's western edge, yet roughly three times its senior in land mass. The island has widely been sought out for development, most notably as a fait accompli, non-gaming destination and complementary service area for Macau. Although many applications remain under government review, ground was broken, on July 10, 2010, for what is to be the first phase of construction of the new Shizmen Central Business District, to be located in the northeast part of Hengqin. The initial phase will include a mix of convention, exhibition and business. Later phases will focus on improvement and expansion of infrastructure, office space, part of which will be housed in the planned rise of a 300m marquis tower, set to become the tallest building in Zhuhai and Macau, and the development of several high-end hotel and resort properties. In anticipation of the above, MacauConcept has acquired Henqin.Travel (currently resolves to Zhuhai.Travel). The new site will be designed and promulgated as events warrant.

      Amid the lick of Macau's continuing neon ascension into the night sky, and the collective sigh of dancing feet in the wake of Beijing's successful world stage premier as host city for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, SE China's Guangdong province continues its path of economic expansion and prosperity. Further, though China tends to showchase Shanghai as the Mainland's financial capital, that honor has long been shared with the city of Shenzhen. Furthermore, Guangdong's provincial capital, Guangzhou, likewise regarded as one of China's premier cities, is setting up to host the upcoming 2010 Asian Games in November. What Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other regions of Guangdong share in common are rapid development in their hospitality sectors and an ever expanding middle class. The effects are two-fold; a growing tourism market at home, while more Chinese seek like opportunities in the Republic, Asia and beyond. Finally, on December 15, 2009, work began on the construction of a series of bridge and tunnels linking Hong Kong with Macau and Zhuhai. When completed in 2016, a trip between Hong Kong and Zhuhai would be reduced from three and one-half hours to as few as thirty minutes, while the current three hour Hong Kong to Macau trek would be reduced by two-thirds.  For the above reasons and many more, MacauConcept has already taken Shenzhen.Travel and Guangdong.Travel live.


      Following on the heels of my recent conclusion of a third exploration of the Philippine Islands, the first of many Philippine travel websites to come, is live and under development. And yes, its ok to peek!


Future Expansion ( Asia and Beyond ) represents our first broad stroke into the stream of international travel commerce. Perhaps, of greater significance, is our holdings of a select number of premium domains pending future development. These include,,,,, and There are also several foreign language darlings in like standing including,,,, and, to name a few.

Marketing Strategy

        MacauConcept, will largely employ a unique, and powerful, feeder-centric strategy to market sites like, Cotai.Travel,, and In other words, we intend to harness the strength of our Macao SAR and generic travel-centric domain portfolios to feed traffic to the former, thereby reducing reliance on direct advertising and/or search engine optimization strategies. Furthermore, born of the realization of anticipated long-term growth trends, in conjunction with otherwise fixed costs associated with maintaining a network of feeder sites on a year to year basis, is the actualization of a unique paradigm, to wit, a reduction of marginal marketing costs with each additional visitor fed to one of our portal sites. Therein, lies the heart of our feeder-centric strategy.

      To fully appreciate the benefits of this strategy, one need only contrast the lesser position of a typical standalone website. In order to establish, maintain and/or enhance market share, it would be largely resigned to engaging traditional methods of bidding for ad placement and/or paid clicks at the mercy of a rising ad market. This is not to suggest that a feeder-centric portal site, depending on its objectives, would never have cause to complement its efforts likewise as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. However, the inclusion of our unique strategy implies, on average, lower overall marketing costs. Thus, competitive advantage is maintained.

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